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Post-Surgical Rehab Should Not Be a Cookie-Cutter Approach 

Why Your Doctor May Not Recommend Physical Therapy 

5 Warning Signs You’re Wasting Your Time in PT 

Cut It Out: Hamstring Stretches! 


30-minute VS 60-minute Sessions 


Enhanced Immune Function 

Suffering from the Effects of Abdominal Surgery? 

Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy 

Trauma – The Hidden Cause? 


Sleeplessness from quarantine??? Here is why! 


Knee Pain? Treat the hip. 

A therapist massages a patient's shoulder.

Nagging Shoulder Pain? 

The Gluteal Muscles: More than Seat Cushions 

Barefoot Training or Specialized Shoes? 


Close the Gap – Preganancy and Diastasis Recti 

Methodology & Techniques

Methodology & Techniques

Mobilizing Nerves: How Does That Work? 

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