Month: March 2020

  • Coronavirus Conundrum

    Coronavirus Conundrum

    Our amazing healthcare workforce is working overtime – and in the thick of unprecedented circumstances. Many are stuck inside. Kids are home. Families are together. Moms, dads and grandparents are homeschooling. “Essentials” continue to work. Many have lost jobs. As I sit with my family on a Sunday night I am reminded of OUR situation. It is […]

  • Mobilizing Nerves: How Does That Work?

    Mobilizing Nerves: How Does That Work?

    We strengthen, stretch and massage our muscles.  Dry skin is moisturized.  We load our bones and feed our organs.  Nerves are extremely important structures in our body.  What do we do for them?  Not much… at least not intentionally.  Nerves require clear paths to and from our brain and spinal cord to their many destinations […]

  • The Definition of Insanity

    The Definition of Insanity

    Have you spent weeks, months, or even years performing the same exercises prescribed by your previous provider? Hamstring stretching for low back pain? Piriformis stretching for sciatica? Banded rotator cuff exercises for shoulder pain? How about pills? You may find temporary relief from these activities, however your pain continues in the long-term.  Pills seem to […]

  • What’s a Treatment Session Like?

    What’s a Treatment Session Like?

    Each treatment session may be a little different, but there is typically a pattern.  After arriving and signing in, the first few minutes involves discussing the following with your therapist: response to your previous treatment, changes you are experiencing, your progress toward your goals and the plan for that session.  Your therapist will then assess […]

  • Mobilization Over Stretching

    Mobilization Over Stretching

    Stretching is the most common and touted way to increase flexibility and it may be the least effective.  Immediate gains made during stretching are a result of stimulating nerves that are also on stretch.  Your nervous system will reach a point of over-stimulation and begin to relax.  Once relaxed, your muscles are calmed down and […]

  • Suffering from the Effects of Abdominal Surgery?

    Suffering from the Effects of Abdominal Surgery?

    After abdominal surgery, it is very common for patients to have symptoms like heart burn, acid reflux, constipation, bloating, incontinence, core weakness, low back pain or neck pain. While it may seem unrelated, these symptoms may be a sign of restrictions in the organs…Usually a side effect of surgery. Every surgery (even “minimally invasive”) can […]