Access Your Ankles – Reduce Pain and Enhance Performance

Do you wish you could squat like that? Proper ankle mobility is important for most of our functional and higher level movements. Specifically, decreased dorsiflexion, or bending of the ankle (the foot getting closer to your shin), will likely add undue stress on joints up the chain including knees, hips, and the spine. If you… Continue reading Access Your Ankles – Reduce Pain and Enhance Performance

Mobilizing Nerves: How Does That Work?

We strengthen, stretch and massage our muscles.  Dry skin is moisturized.  We load our bones and feed our organs.  Nerves are extremely important structures in our body.  What do we do for them?  Not much… at least not intentionally.  Nerves require clear paths to and from our brain and spinal cord to their many destinations… Continue reading Mobilizing Nerves: How Does That Work?

Mobilization Over Stretching

Stretching is the most common and touted way to increase flexibility and it may be the least effective.  Immediate gains made during stretching are a result of stimulating nerves that are also on stretch.  Your nervous system will reach a point of over-stimulation and begin to relax.  Once relaxed, your muscles are calmed down and… Continue reading Mobilization Over Stretching

Instant Gratification – Pick Your Test!

In an industry where it is normal to only expect results after a month or two of seemingly mindless stretching and exercising, at Move Physio, we’re quite different. We love instant gratification. When someone comes to see me for the first time, at the consultation, it usually becomes pretty clear to them how very different… Continue reading Instant Gratification – Pick Your Test!

The ‘Magic Wand’ of Therapy

Those in pain want an easy fix. Who can blame them? But relying only on pills or magical passive techniques typically won’t do if longstanding pain relief is the goal. To a fault, many healthcare practitioners tend to over-rely on passive techniques. Physical therapists are no exception. A passive treatment is one that is done… Continue reading The ‘Magic Wand’ of Therapy