Let the Kids Play

“Let the Kids Play” (#LETTHEKIDSPLAY) was a marketing campaign released by Major League Baseball to put a spotlight on its young superstars. It encouraged a fun but competitive, trash-talking, bragging atmosphere normally seen in sports such as basketball and football. Given that Major League Baseball is paused due this pandemic, it’s time to borrow the… Continue reading Let the Kids Play

Why Telehealth Stinks

Practically overnight, Telehealth has become the go-to method for delivering many healthcare services.  The transition is certainly a necessary evil during this pandemic, and while it can be made to work for the time being, the truth is: Telehealth Stinks. Why? Telehealth has quickly transformed the Healthcare system to one that is (by design) void… Continue reading Why Telehealth Stinks

The Definition of Insanity

Have you spent weeks, months, or even years performing the same exercises prescribed by your previous provider? Hamstring stretching for low back pain? Piriformis stretching for sciatica? Banded rotator cuff exercises for shoulder pain? How about pills? You may find temporary relief from these activities, however your pain continues in the long-term.  Pills seem to… Continue reading The Definition of Insanity

What’s a Treatment Session Like?

Each treatment session may be a little different, but there is typically a pattern.  After arriving and signing in, the first few minutes involves discussing the following with your therapist: response to your previous treatment, changes you are experiencing, your progress toward your goals and the plan for that session.  Your therapist will then assess… Continue reading What’s a Treatment Session Like?

Mobilization Over Stretching

Stretching is the most common and touted way to increase flexibility and it may be the least effective.  Immediate gains made during stretching are a result of stimulating nerves that are also on stretch.  Your nervous system will reach a point of over-stimulation and begin to relax.  Once relaxed, your muscles are calmed down and… Continue reading Mobilization Over Stretching

Post-Surgical Rehab Should Not Be a Cookie-Cutter Approach

Sometimes surgery for orthopaedic conditions is unavoidable.  Have you recently undergone surgery? …Or did you undergo surgery a long time ago and still don’t feel fully restored?   Your surgeon likely gave you a general rehab protocol designed for all and then you underwent standard, one-size-fits-all, “cookie-cutter” physical therapy. If the surgery was unique and… Continue reading Post-Surgical Rehab Should Not Be a Cookie-Cutter Approach

Why Your Doctor May Not Recommend Physical Therapy

There are many instances with common orthopaedic conditions in which a physician (MD) may not suggest physical therapy.  They may even say you shouldn’t go… and I can’t blame them. Many patients have returned to their physician in worse condition after weeks of physical therapy. Why is this?  Standard physical therapy, at times, may consist… Continue reading Why Your Doctor May Not Recommend Physical Therapy