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  • Short Muscles vs. Stiff Muscles vs. Tight Muscles

    Short Muscles vs. Stiff Muscles vs. Tight Muscles

    “Should I stretch more?” – In the world of orthopedics, the answer given to this question is usually a resounding “YES”… but the answer is not that simple. From Physicians and Physical Therapists all the way to Coaches and Personal Trainers – the consensus is that stretching should be part of your regular health routine…but…

  • Does Weakness Cause Pain?

    Does Weakness Cause Pain?

    I LOVE strength. I actually have the word tattooed on me! I also love solving complex puzzles…and instant gratification. (Don’t we all??). I’ve worked within the Strength, Conditioning and Rehab realm for over two decades and have been taught and mentored by some of the best in the world. It’s time to address an EXTREMELY…

  • Let the Kids Play

    Let the Kids Play

    “Let the Kids Play” (#LETTHEKIDSPLAY) was a marketing campaign released by Major League Baseball to put a spotlight on its young superstars. It encouraged a fun but competitive, trash-talking, bragging atmosphere normally seen in sports such as basketball and football. Given that Major League Baseball is paused due this pandemic, it’s time to borrow the…

  • Sharing isn’t always caring.

    Sharing isn’t always caring.

    In our practice, we have the incredible opportunity to work with individuals that have been to multiple other providers without success.  We love challenges, and this allows us to have a positive impact on someone that, often times, has lost hope. During the initial consultation, Clients tell us about the previously failed treatments they have…

  • Why Telehealth Stinks

    Why Telehealth Stinks

    Practically overnight, Telehealth has become the go-to method for delivering many healthcare services.  The transition is certainly a necessary evil during this pandemic, and while it can be made to work for the time being, the truth is: Telehealth Stinks. Why? Telehealth has quickly transformed the Healthcare system to one that is (by design) void…

  • Back sleeper? Things to look out for….

    Back sleeper? Things to look out for….

    Waking up every morning with tightness in your neck or back is not okay. It may be because of the sleeping positions you are in. Unsupported sleeping for 6-7 hours at night may continue to cause strain in the body where your back muscles have to work hard to get your body back to neutral.…

  • The Definition of Insanity

    The Definition of Insanity

    Have you spent weeks, months, or even years performing the same exercises prescribed by your previous provider? Hamstring stretching for low back pain? Piriformis stretching for sciatica? Banded rotator cuff exercises for shoulder pain? How about pills? You may find temporary relief from these activities, however your pain continues in the long-term.  Pills seem to…

  • What’s a Treatment Session Like?

    What’s a Treatment Session Like?

    Each treatment session may be a little different, but there is typically a pattern.  After arriving and signing in, the first few minutes involves discussing the following with your therapist: response to your previous treatment, changes you are experiencing, your progress toward your goals and the plan for that session.  Your therapist will then assess…

  • Mobilization Over Stretching

    Mobilization Over Stretching

    Stretching is the most common and touted way to increase flexibility and it may be the least effective.  Immediate gains made during stretching are a result of stimulating nerves that are also on stretch.  Your nervous system will reach a point of over-stimulation and begin to relax.  Once relaxed, your muscles are calmed down and…

  • Post-Surgical Rehab Should Not Be a Cookie-Cutter Approach

    Post-Surgical Rehab Should Not Be a Cookie-Cutter Approach

    Sometimes surgery for orthopaedic conditions is unavoidable.  Have you recently undergone surgery? …Or did you undergo surgery a long time ago and still don’t feel fully restored?   Your surgeon likely gave you a general rehab protocol designed for all and then you underwent standard, one-size-fits-all, “cookie-cutter” physical therapy. If the surgery was unique and…

New to Us?

There are TWO options to Begin:

Consult-Only (45-min Live or Virtual Session)

Consult+Eval+Treat (90-min Live Session) *RECOMMENDED*

Our Process:


  • Deep dive into your history, complaints and previous treatments
  • Learn and discuss WHY previous treatments didn’t work
  • Uncover the true SOURCE of your complaint(s) and HOW they developed
  • Learn realistic strategies to self-manage and self-treat
  • *Identify the systems, structures and functions to be Evaluated*


  • Examine, measure and test the systems, structures and functions identified in the Consult
  • Create the clinical Assessment (your situational summary)
  • Develop the Treatment Plan (what order to treat and how)


  • A Pre-test is performed to measure a specific, challenging/painful movement or position
  • Hands-on, integrated manual therapy treatment is performed (based on the eval)
  • A Post-test is performed to highlight the changes from the pre-test
  • Results are measurable - every session

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