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  • Evaluation Preparation

    Evaluation Preparation

    In order to ensure we get the most out of our time during your Evaluation, we’ve put together the following tips: 1st appointments: If we have not yet met to discuss your medical history, please be sure that you fill out your intake form with as much detail as possible.It’s an extensive form…but rest assured,…

  • Consultation vs Consult+Evaluation – which to book?

    Consultation vs Consult+Evaluation – which to book?

    At Move Physio, we do things VERY differently…which is why we are so successful with complex cases and people who haven’t made progress with the standard approaches of medical care or therapy. To begin your journey with us, the most crucial first step is to gain a thorough understanding of how you got to this…

New to Us?

There are TWO options to Begin:

Consult-Only (45-min Live or Virtual Session)

Consult+Eval+Treat (90-min Live Session) *RECOMMENDED*

Our Process:


  • Deep dive into your history, complaints and previous treatments
  • Learn and discuss WHY previous treatments didn’t work
  • Uncover the true SOURCE of your complaint(s) and HOW they developed
  • Learn realistic strategies to self-manage and self-treat
  • *Identify the systems, structures and functions to be Evaluated*


  • Examine, measure and test the systems, structures and functions identified in the Consult
  • Create the clinical Assessment (your situational summary)
  • Develop the Treatment Plan (what order to treat and how)


  • A Pre-test is performed to measure a specific, challenging/painful movement or position
  • Hands-on, integrated manual therapy treatment is performed (based on the eval)
  • A Post-test is performed to highlight the changes from the pre-test
  • Results are measurable - every session

Current Clients:

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