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30-min Virtual session

with your own Physio to:

**Dive deep into your entire history

**Explain why other treatments didn’t work

**Identify the Root Causes of your issues

**Develop your Goals for treatment

**Customize the structure for the Evaluation

Completion allows the option for a 45-min Evaluation



90-min Hands-on session

with your own Physio to:

**Complete all aspects of the Consultation


**Evaluate & Assess all dysfunctions

**Formulate your optimal Plan of Care


**Begin Treatment – See & Feel Progress

Returning Clients:

Need to continue your current care?

COVID-19 Update


Dr. Justin Sullivan, PT, OCS, CFMT

April 3, 2020

Our Physios are now wearing cloth masks throughout treatment hours, in compliance with the CDC’s voluntary recommendations.

We remain vigilant in our distancing and cleaning procedures while continuing to provide care for new and existing Clients.

Administrative staff continues to work from home to reduce the number of people in the offices.

March 26, 2020

Please avoid the ERs & Urgent Care facilities!  They need ALL of their resources for the Virus.

We were able to keep a 74 year-old, high-risk woman out of the ER today, through a virtual consultation.

If you are suffering with pain, we are available Mon-Thu for In-Person AND Virtual appointments.

Click the “GET STARTED” button on this page to book!

March 22, 2020

Move Physio provides essential healthcare services for the community and will remain committed to serve through this trying time.  We will help reduce the burden on ER and Urgent Care facilities by evaluating and treating most injuries in our meticulously clean and spacious clinics.  If you know someone with pain or an injury, please encourage them to reach out to us before going to an overburdened facility.

In addition to the Practices listed below, we will also be reducing staff to ONLY Physios.  We will be keeping everyone else home, where they can handle all of our calls, texts, emails, faxes, billing and scheduling remotely.  Physios will be assigned the responsibility of sanitizing all client areas throughout the day.


March 17, 2020

YES we will still open, and see any Clients that are NOT displaying ANY flu-like symptoms.

Our offices remain operating at a very low-risk.  Here’s why:

Our Regular, Everyday, Precautionary Practices:

  • Being a low-volume, 1-on-1 provider
  • Being a fanatically clean facility
  • Use standard precautions and exemplary hygiene practices
  • Fully sanitize all treatment surfaces with Hospital-grade Germicide before and after every use
  • Sanitize and/or wash hands before and after working with every client


Our Increased Vigilance Now Includes the Following Measures:

  • Increasing frequency of professional cleaning services
  • Assigning staff the task of sanitizing regularly handled areas (iPads, door knobs, chairs, etc) throughout the day
  • Asking all staff and clients to stay home if feeling unwell
  • Suggesting that higher-risk Clients wait in their vehicles if arriving early for appointments
  • Separating treatment tables beyond the 6-foot “Social Spacing” recommendations
  • Keeping over 6-feet between any Clients performing exercises/activities in our gym
  • Treatment staff will be sanitizing ALL exercise equipment and surfaces used in the gym following any exercise/activity.


We continue to keep our clients and community considered with every decision we make, especially during this unprecedented time.  This is why we continue to feel compelled to remain fully operational and committed to providing our exceptional services.  We exist only to passionately serve our Clients and help them reclaim their pain-free performance.

Thank you for your continued support during this time.  It is great to see that despite the current events, we are still having new Clients requesting appointments and current Clients are continuing to show up and make positive changes.

We welcome you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.



Dr. Justin Sullivan, PT, OCS, CFMT, CSCS

Founder & CEO


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