Instant Gratification – Pick Your Test!


Dr. Justin Sullivan, PT, OCS, CFMT

In an industry where it is normal to only expect results after a month or two of seemingly mindless stretching and exercising, at Move Physio, we’re quite different.

We love instant gratification.

When someone comes to see me for the first time, at the consultation, it usually becomes pretty clear to them how very different our approach is. The most shocking aspect of our approach isn’t that I spent 90% of the session with my hands on them. It isn’t that they won’t see anyone other than me for their care. New clients are most shocked when I tell them my expectations for results. I expect results with every session…not after a month, not after a week…EVERY SESSION. If I do my job well and get to the root of the biggest problem with your system today, I expect that to have a profoundly positive effect over the functioning of your body – today.

To prepare for these changes, I give new clients a small piece of homework: pick a test, or several tests. I want every client to have a movement, position or activity that they find difficult, limited or that reproduces their symptoms or complaints. I don’t want something that really aggravates their system, just something that can be measured somehow: pain level, quantity of movement, weight lifted, etc.

For example, I can ask you to Squat as deep as you can without symptoms…or try to touch your toes. Here we can measure depth and level of symptoms. Then, we do a bunch of treatments on the table…and re-test. If my treatment was successful, not only will you feel the difference during the test, but you’ll be deeper into the movement… and with less symptoms. This process continues with every visit, until you have crushed your biggest Goals.



Test – Treat – Retest. This concept should be the standard of care for any type of treatment. If you aren’t getting measurable results that you can see and feel, you aren’t getting a great return on your investment!


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