Is it COVID or fear of COVID challenging the immune system?


Vidhi Shastri, PT, CFMT

People with underlying conditions or immune compromised patients are severely affected by COVID. Can fear of getting COVID suppress your immune system making you prone to illness?

Initial phases of stress begins to slow the immune system. As the stress continues immune deficiency sets in, which makes you more prone to infection – like sore throats, flu, etc. This causes prolonged swelling and inflammation of tissues increasing overall tenderness. It can also lead to memory changes, altered body maps, neglect and spreading pain.

Specific manual therapy methods can focus on organ mobilization, help circulation, oxygen exchange, ion channel balance, clearing toxins from the system and promote healthy cell growth – which helps boost immunity. Other potential things like goal setting, coping skills, humor social interaction are also very important.

I hope you are enjoying the blogs and learning a lot. Keep reading to learn the impacts of stress on musculoskeletal (muscle) system.


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