Pregnancy is no excuse for back pain


Vidhi Shastri, PT, CFMT

Pregnant with low back pain? Uncomfortable with being in one position for long? Afraid to keep taking medications because you are worried you’ll hurt the baby? Difficult to continue to function and keep up with physical activities? Back pain during pregnancy is very common. You are going through a lot physiological changes in your body, but you have been wondering why is it just on one side more than the other or why is there tingling/numbness only on one side?

Back pain is usually caused by underlying mechanical restrictions in the tailbone, pelvis or hips and their connecting structures.

With pregnancy as the pelvis widens to prepare for birth all these structures need to be efficient enough to go through the normal physiological change BUT if there is a restriction (which didn’t present itself before pregnancy) now as the body is under more load starts to present itself as pain, stiffness or tingling and numbness in the legs.

Hands on therapy can help you find the root cause of the pain and treat the dysfunction to allow the natural change in the system to occur efficiently and without pain to prepare you for easier childbirth.


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