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Your journey begins with a choice…


Live OR Virtual 45-min session

with your own Physio to:

**Dive deep into your entire history

**Explain why other treatments didn’t work

**Identify the Root Causes of your issues

**Develop your Goals for treatment

**Customize the structure for the Evaluation

Completion allows the option for a 45-min Evaluation





90-min Live, Hands-on session

with your own Physio to:

**Complete all aspects of the Consultation


**Evaluate & Assess all dysfunctions

**Formulate your optimal Plan of Care


**Begin Treatment – See & Feel Progress

Current Clients:

Need to continue your current care?

Sharing isn’t always caring.


Dr. Justin Sullivan, PT, OCS, CFMT

In our practice, we have the incredible opportunity to work with individuals that have been to multiple other providers without success.  We love challenges, and this allows us to have a positive impact on someone that, often times, has lost hope.

During the initial consultation, Clients tell us about the previously failed treatments they have undergone.  These stories often have a common theme… a complete lack of consistency and continuity of care.  They report bouncing around between different specialities, clinicians and assistants feeling like each visit was like starting over from scratch.

Previous care for most of our Clients has not been cohesive.

There are so many dimensions to you – your body, habits, aversions, preferences, movement patterns and history.  How can any clinician know enough to successfully treat you, when you’ve been scheduled with 1o different providers since your last session with them?  It’s simply not possible.

At MOVE, even with only 3 Therapists (no assistants), we simply can’t communicate everything that would be needed to successfully share Clients within our small team – so we don’t.  Every Client has ONE, primary Physio.  We don’t share, unless it is in the Client’s best interest to switch Physios, because of schedule, specialty, etc.  This way, every session progresses exactly where the last one left off.

Our Clients appreciate being able to ask questions and chat with their own Physio during and between sessions.  You aren’t a toy and shouldn’t be passed around.


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