Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy


Vidhi Shastri, PT, CFMT

Does every position bother you and keep waking you up in the middle of the night? That is very common in the second and third trimester of pregnancy as you are stuck with only one option – the side lying position. There’s a few tricks that can help pregnant moms who are not naturally side sleepers or those that are uncomfortable due to pain…and you don’t need to buy any of those expensive props from the maternity store!

Try this:

Take a hand towel and fold it up. While laying on your side, lift up your belly and tuck the folded towel under your belly.

The goal of the towel is to unload the weight of the baby from the pull of gravity while sleeping so it does not pull or twist your spine.  This prevents discomfort and back pain.


Add a queen/king size pillow to put between and along the length of your legs from the groin to feet to prevent the pelvis from rotating forward.  This can also help further decrease the strain on the lower spine.

Sleep, as we all know is crucial for our body to recover from pain but if that is something that is causing the pain it is just leading to a downward spiral of feeling more pain throughout the day and other parts of the body.


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