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  • Short Muscles vs. Stiff Muscles vs. Tight Muscles

    Short Muscles vs. Stiff Muscles vs. Tight Muscles

    “Should I stretch more?” – In the world of orthopedics, the answer given to this question is usually a resounding “YES”… but the answer is not that simple. From Physicians and Physical Therapists all the way to Coaches and Personal Trainers – the consensus is that stretching should be part of your regular health routine…but…

New to Us?

There are TWO options to Begin:

Consult-Only (45-min Live or Virtual Session)

Consult+Eval+Treat (90-min Live Session) *RECOMMENDED*

Our Process:


  • Deep dive into your history, complaints and previous treatments
  • Learn and discuss WHY previous treatments didn’t work
  • Uncover the true SOURCE of your complaint(s) and HOW they developed
  • Learn realistic strategies to self-manage and self-treat
  • *Identify the systems, structures and functions to be Evaluated*


  • Examine, measure and test the systems, structures and functions identified in the Consult
  • Create the clinical Assessment (your situational summary)
  • Develop the Treatment Plan (what order to treat and how)


  • A Pre-test is performed to measure a specific, challenging/painful movement or position
  • Hands-on, integrated manual therapy treatment is performed (based on the eval)
  • A Post-test is performed to highlight the changes from the pre-test
  • Results are measurable - every session

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