Trauma – The Hidden Cause?


Vidhi Shastri, PT, CFMT

Falling down, getting back up and get back in to the game as kids is cool but what is not cool about that is trauma to any part of the body can have severe consequences few months later or few years later once your body is unable to find any other options to move from other parts of the body.

Ignoring injuries from sports whether it is to your head, shoulder or knee leads to training your brain to compensate for the injury your body just went through. That means if you had knee injury your brain avoids putting strain on the knee because of pain and adapts to using your hip or low back to help you be functional. In a few months or years when you start to feel pain in the hip while playing sports without any trauma you start to wonder why is that a case when there was no real injury and decide to go see a provider for your hip.

It is very crucial to find a clinician who can connect the dots and look at body as a whole and help you understand the hidden cause of the problem and help you trace it back to the real issue to help you get back to not just being functional but efficient in sports.


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