30-minute VS 60-minute Sessions


Vidhi Shastri, PT, CFMT

The more I learn and practice integrating all the systems of human body I realize 30 minutes sometimes may not be enough to work on dysfunctions to help : 1.Increase the range. 2. Retrain the patient’s brain to stabilize to keep that new range. 3. Incorporate motor control for efficient movement patterns

What is stabilization? Why is stabilization so important to keep the gains? Stabilization is awakening the deep core muscles in our body. These muscles often kick in only after all the superficial muscles get fatigued. In an efficient system, stability in the trunk always occurs first before movement in the extremities. Relearning a task that your brain has forgotten for years may take much longer than you expect. It may take over 5 minutes to just fire (initiate) one group of stabilizers. Repetition is another important factor to learn those tasks. In the course of treatment, we incorporate repetition after we initiate stabilization by adding movement in slow concentric and eccentric range. All the above factors help to build a strong foundation of an efficient system for optimal functioning.

Each pillar may have its own challenges of figuring out where exactly is the restriction coming from (musculoskeletal system, visceral system or nervous system). We resolve the restriction to gain new range and then work on stability and motor control within that new range. This systematic approach to treatment sometimes takes longer than our standard 30 minute sessions allow.

The great news is that we also offer 60-minutes sessions, where we can resolve at least 3 major restrictions and re integrate them.  Plus, the gains have a longer lasting effect, so treatment frequency is often much less. This also helps to finish the course of therapy much faster and will get you back in to functional activities and recreational/sports activities you love to be involved in.  60-minute sessions are not always necessary or the best approach, so talk to your Physio!


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