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**Customize the structure for the Evaluation

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FITT Chamber

FITT stands for Far-Infrared Thermal Therapy. 

Unlike other types of energy, which get absorbed in the skin and external layers, Far-Infrared penetrates much deeper into the core of the body. 

When these waves interact with water molecules (our bodies are 70% water) the molecules begin to vibrate. 

The vibration creates heat and breaks the ion bonds with toxins and other entrapped gasses within Fat and other tissues. 

There is an increase in blood circulation, core temperature, metabolism and an opening of Detoxification pathways through the liver and skin. 

What is FITT used for?


Lowers Chronic Pain

Lowers Pain from Arthritis

Improves Pain Threshold


Normalizes Blood Pressure

Improves Cholesterol

Lowers Arrhythmia Incidents


Improves Detox Pathways

Encourages Weightloss

Increases Metabolism

Helps Eczema & Psoriasis


Decreases Nasal Itch

Improves Stuffiness

Reduces Sneezing

Decreases Eye Itching

The FITT Chamber is included in the Move Physio Membership or can be purchased separately.



You are going to sweat in the Chamber, so less is more. We will provide you with a towel to sit on if you wish to be completely undressed. Some people prefer to wear a bathing suit. Either way, remember to bring a change of clothes for after your shower!


The initial temperature of the Chamber should be just over 100 degrees. The longer you stay in the Chamber, the more heat will rise. Keep it comfortable! If you are too warm, you can open the ceiling vent or the door to allow the heat to escape. The Infrared will continue to heat your core even with the door open. 


It is extremely important that you remain hydrated through and after your session. Depending on the duration and intensity of your session, your requirements will vary. As a guideline, divide your bodyweight by 5. That amount in ounces is what you should bring into the Chamber with you. If you are thirsty after your session, you were not adequately hydrated!


At your first session, we recommend beginning at 15 minutes, as long as you are comfortable. You can always increase time with each session, up to 30 minutes. The timer on the Chamber is used to turn off the Infrared Emitters, but we will provide an audible timer to alert you when the session is complete.


Current research suggests that higher freqency of sessions over a shorter period of time is more effective than spreading the sessions out. So, if you are looking for the health benefits, we recommend 2-3 sessions per week for 6 weeks. If you just enjoy how great you feel afterward, use it as needed for a nice boost!


We ask that you fully read the waiver prior to signing it and using the Chamber, as it has important information on who should not use it. Just remember, that your experience should be comfortable. Do not force yourself to stay in longer than your body is ready and always get out if you become dizzy, light-headed or overly hot.