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“I don’t want surgery, but I need to get my life back.”

You've tried everything and here you are.

Meet with us to learn pain management strategies that actually work.

“I met with Move Physio and within a couple of sessions working on my pelvis, not only was my back feeling better, I was able to play with my daughter again. After a couple more, I was able to swing a golf club.”

Move Tip

Your body is a system

The back is rarely to blame for it’s own demise. If the ankles, hips or pelvis can’t do their job, the back does all the work.

Getting the back or core stronger doesn’t solve the problem if the rest of the system isn’t restored. By focusing attention on the under-working parts, you can alleviate the burden on the over-working parts (the back!).

Meet with us.

“I didn’t want back surgery, but I was desperate. 6 months after they cleaned things out, my pain was still there. After the first session with Move Physio working on my hips and I began to feel relief for the first time.”

Move Tip

Surgery is not the answer. Meet with us to see your options.

The goal of surgery is to change structures of the body in hopes that they will not hurt anymore. Frequently, these structures were worn-down due to overuse and the added trauma of surgery makes things worse, not better. By identifying the parts that are under-working, the segments of the back can recover and repair.

Let us show you.

“I had been to other PT. Three times a week...for 4 months with minimal change in my back, so I was very hesitant to try this. My friend finally convinced me and by the end of the first session with Move Physio, I had more relief than ever before. You should give them a try.”

Move Tip

Uniquely focused treatments are essential. Let us show you how.

Most of the old-school ways of treating back pain involve stretches and core strengthening that you can easily find on the internet. The heat, stim and ultrasound at the PT office do very little to encourage healing without addressing the root cause of the problem in a person’s body.

Each body and its movements are entirely unique, due to our own injuries and life experiences. Effective strategies must be focused on restoring the entire movement system to allow for the relief and recovery of the parts that have been overworked and worn-down.

Meet with us to show you how.

“I had gone to a chiropractor every week for 3 years with very little change in my back pain. After one week of following the strategies from Move Physio, I feel a whole lot better.”

Move Tip

Adjustments aren't effective. We will show you what is.

Chiropractic back cracking feels good, but usually only increases movement in areas you already had it. The stiff regions stay stiff, the loose areas get looser. We often find people who have relied on this method require mobility in very specific areas: the overlooked, stiff ones. The frequently cracked areas usually require targeted stability because of how loose they have become.

We will show you when you meet with us.

“I was taking far more anti-inflammatories than I ever wanted to, but my back was still in pain and my activity level was continuing to decline. The relief I got from injections was not lasting as long each time. I was getting desperate.”

Move Tip

Anti-inflammatories are a stopgap

Anti-inflammatories and injections help to reduce some of the agony from an over-worked structure in the body, but unless the burden is reduced on that structure, the inflammatory process continues.

Meet with us for an introductory session.

“I don’t like taking pills, but I need to be able to move without pain. - You can. Let us show you.”

Move Tip

Pain pills are lying to you

Pain pills mask the signal of pain, but do nothing to solve why it’s there. This allows the body to continue breaking down tissues, but without the consequence of pain only until the pills wear off.

When you meet with us we show you how to cope without pills.

“At first, I just wanted to be able to stand without my back killing me. Quickly I learned how many things I had given up and avoided because of this pain.”

Move Tip

Set your goals and expectations

Goals are everything. Most of our clients initially just want to be pain-free with their daily activities because they have been limited for so long.

We typically need to reshape goals and expectations so our treatment can be focused on life, not pain. We want goals to be focused on getting back to life and the activities our clients have missed for too long.

If your back pain was GONE…what would you get back to?

Tell us when you meet with us.

Now what? Meet with us.
Let's get back to the way life was...before pain.

When you meet with us we will help you learn the strategies to effectively manage your own Back Pain and Sciatica...without the Doctors and Pharmacies. As our thank you for scheduling a meeting with us we will send you a FREE Strategy Guide to help with your back pain.

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