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New to Us?

Your journey begins with a choice…


Live OR Virtual 45-min session

with your own Physio to:

**Dive deep into your entire history

**Explain why other treatments didn’t work

**Identify the Root Causes of your issues

**Develop your Goals for treatment

**Customize the structure for the Evaluation

Completion allows the option for a 45-min Evaluation





90-min Live, Hands-on session

with your own Physio to:

**Complete all aspects of the Consultation


**Evaluate & Assess all dysfunctions

**Formulate your optimal Plan of Care


**Begin Treatment – See & Feel Progress

Current Clients:

Need to continue your current care?

Member’s Guide

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the great benefits of your Move Physio Membership!

As more features and services are released, this will be updated…so check back!


These are your exclusive sessions that are included in your membership. They DO NOT EXPIRE, as long as your Membership is active…so you can accumulate them if you don’t use them!

To find them:

LOGIN TO YOUR PORTAL and click “Packages”.

You’ll find your included VIP and FITT Chamber Sessions here:

If you can’t make your appointment, you should ALWAYS “Reschedule” to avoid losing the session. You can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of the appointment.


  • Member Treatments

Use your exclusive discount to get Treatment before your next VIP session is released!

  • STM Sessions

An exclusive, members-only service. Find out more here.

  • FITT Chamber Sessions

Use your exclusive discount to get additional FITT Chamber sessions before your next is released!

To book ANY of these Additional Sessions:

Use the BOOK button in your Portal, then click “Back”:

Once you’ve selected the location, you’ll find the Members-Only menu:

Inside here, you’ll find where to book a

  • Re-evaluation (if it’s been more than 3 months OR you’ve got a new issue)


  • Your exclusively-discounted Member-Treatment (if you need a Treatment before your next VIP session is released)


  • Additional FITT Chamber Sessions (if you’d like another, before your next is released)


  • The Members-only, exclusive STM session


The Membership can always be cancelled by submitting THIS FORM.


Who should NOT apply for a Membership?

The membership makes the most financial-sense for anyone receiving more than 3 sessions. We have a 3-session package that would make more sense if you will not be coming in longer. Also, it’s recommended that you’ve had an Evaluation (to determine treatment length) before joining.

How do the VIP sessions work?

Every month, our staff will send you a message when your VIP sessions are released. You can then login to your online account to book them! Your membership and any included session is located under “PACKAGES”.

What’s the FITT Chamber?

This is our healing, far-infrared chamber. Learn more about it by clicking here!

What’s the Structural Mobility Session?

The STM session is a members-only service that combines functional movement assessment with a layered, hands-on, full-body treatment p. Learn more about it by clicking here!

What if I need to come in before my VIP sessions are released?

You can always use your exclusive discount to book yourself through your online account. Your discount will automatically apply before you complete the booking.

Am I stuck in a contract?

NO! You can cancel anytime by submitting THIS FORM. No fees, no tricks.

How does cancellation work?

To cancel, you must submit THIS FORM. We typically process cancellations within one business day. Once cancelled, any unused VIP or FITT sessions will be removed from your account and the recurring payment will be cancelled. Any future-scheduled sessions will be cancelled and can be rebooked at the non-member rate.

Do my VIP sessions expire?

Nope! As long as your membership remains active, your VIP sessions remain valid and can be used any time.

What about Evaluations or Re-Evaluations?

If you’ve not been treated here in the past 2 years, you’ll need an Evaluation.

If it’s been more than 3 months since you’ve received care, a Re-Evaluation must be booked to ensure proper care.

Evaluations and Re-Evaluations are not discounted through the membership.

Can I “freeze” my membership?

While your membership is active, you will continue to accumulate sessions, so we can’t “freeze” the membership. If you don’t use them now, you can always use them later! If the membership no longer makes sense for your situation, you can always cancel.

Can I use my FSA / HSA benefits?

Sure! Any of your discounted sessions are eligible and can be charged to your HSA or FSA card. You have to check with your administrator to see if your membership dues are eligible, based on your plan.

Will my health insurance cover my Membership?

Membership dues are typically viewed as “concierge” services, so check with your plan administrator. VIP sessions are complimentary as part of the membership, so there’s nothing to reimburse. We can produce a “Superbill” for any session that you attend and have paid for (like the discounted Physio Treatments), which can be used to submit for Insurance Reimbursement. We recommend checking with your plan administrator to gather any details you may need before submitting.

Can my family member use my discount or included sessions?

Membership benefits are non-transferrable, but your family member can get their very own membership!

How do I get into my online account?

You can Login Here. If you haven’t set it up yet, Register Here first.