Here’s the problem…

Every year, Insurance Plans:

  • Increase your plan premiums…costing you more each month
  • Increase your deductible….passing a larger amount of your healthcare costs to you before they’ll consider paying anything
  • Increase your coinsurance…so they pay a smaller percentage of the bills
  • Increase your plan limits…limiting the number of providers or visits you can receive
  • Increase requirements for coverage of services…forcing you to see multiple providers and get unnecessary tests or prescriptions
  • Decrease what your plan will cover…limiting the scope of services you can receive
  • Decrease allowed visits…so you end up needing to fight for needed care, or end up paying for it yourself


The costs have escalated exponentially for patients.

This system discourages people from seeking care quickly and has led to longer times for individuals to receive the care they need. This, in turn, has reduced their quality of life and increased the complexity of problems for so many.

In short…the system is broken.

Here’s OUR solution…

Move Physio Memberships!

Each membership provides access to the excellent care at Move Physio anytime throughout the year…regardless of the insurance or physician situation.

No gatekeepers, no authorizations, no algebra or ridiculous terminology.

Who is this for?

A Member is someone who wants immediate access to the best care and unbiased advice and does not want to wait for Physicians or Insurance Companies to “authorize” it. Members (or their loved ones) are looking for a long-term solution to health and consistent improvements in quality of life.

How does it work?

The memberships are a monthly subscription for access to exclusive benefits!





Included Session per Month

 One 60-Minute Premium Session

One 30-Minute Treatment Session

FITT Chamber Sessions

Includes Unlimited

FITT Chamber Sessions

Includes One FITT Chamber Sessions

Additional Sessions Save $20 ea

Additional 60-min Premium Sessions

Save $25 each

Additional 30-min Treatment Sessions

Save $25 each

Save $25 each

Priority Scheduling

Book 8 Weeks in Advance

Book 4 Weeks in Advance