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“No more pills or knee braces...I need to be able to move again.”

You've tried everything and here you are.

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“Going down stairs was agonizing. My knee would just give out from the pain. Now, I'm back to running the trails again!”


Your Knee Isn't To Blame

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The knee is rarely to blame for its own demise.

Your body is a system – of systems!

If the ankles, hips or pelvis can’t or won’t do their job, the knee will gladly do all the work… twisting and shearing to get your daily tasks completed.

Getting the legs stronger doesn’t solve the problem if the movement in the rest of the system isn’t restored.

By focusing attention on the under-working parts, you can alleviate the burden on the over-working parts (the knee!).

“After my surgery, the knee pain only got worse. The guide from Move Physio helped me understand why that happened and gave me the tools to get back my life again.”

False Hope

Surgery Isn't The Answer

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The goal of surgery is to change structures of the body in hopes that they will not hurt anymore.

Frequently, these structures were worn-down due to overuse and the added trauma of surgery makes things worse, not better…even when you have the absolute BEST surgeon.

In our guide, we explain why things like surgery often fail to provide the relief that patients desperately need.

“My PT was stretching my knee 3 days a week and I was doing all my exercises, but I was only getting stiffer. ”

Old Ideas

No Stretching or Arbitrary Exercises are Needed

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Most of the old-school ways of treating knee pain involve stretching and strengthening exercises for the thighs.  You can find most of those programs on the internet for free.

The heat, stim and ultrasound at a PT office do very little to encourage healing and don’t address the root cause of the problem in a person’s body.

Each body and its movements are entirely unique, due to our own injuries and life experiences. Effective strategies must be focused on restoring the entire movement system to allow for the relief and recovery of the parts that have been overworked and worn-down.

The concepts and strategies in our Guide will give you insight into YOUR problems and how to fix them.

“The pills stopped helping, so I considered getting injections from my doctor. I am so glad I read this guide before going to that appointment!”

Temporary Fix

Meds Aren't Long-Term

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Pain pills and anti-inflammatory injections only mask the healing process that is occurring at your knee.

In addition to being really bad for your body, they allow you to continue to wear down the structures of the knee…just without the consequence of pain!

Let’s help you address the reason your knee is inflamed and get it healed for good.

“After seeing my MRI I was scared to move. Between the tears and degeneration and arthritis, I wasnt sure I would be able to avoid getting surgery...until I read the strategy guide from Move Physio.”

Bad Info

MRIs Can Hurt You

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Our Clients have already seen many other providers, sometimes for several years, before coming to see us.  This usually means they have already had MRIs of their knee, sometimes several.

In the Guide, we discuss why MRI findings are full of bad information and treatments that are based on them can actually lead to significant harm and much higher cost.

Free yourself from the jargon and get some real answers!

“One doc told me my meniscus was torn. Another told me it was just tendinitis. How can I get the right treatment if nobody can agree on what's wrong?”


The (very small) Value of a Diagnosis

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Tendinitis, bursitis, torn meniscus, arthritis, tears…these are all common diagnoses for patients with knee pain.

In the Strategy Guide, we discuss why your diagnosis is misleading and of little value in determining what will actually make you move and feel better.

Now What?
Lets get back to the way life was...before pain!

We have put together this Strategy Guide to help you learn the tools and strategies to effectively manage your own Knee Pain and Stiffness...without the Doctors and Pharmacies. (Valued at $47)

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