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Live OR Virtual 45-min session

with your own Physio to:

**Dive deep into your entire history

**Explain why other treatments didn’t work

**Identify the Root Causes of your issues

**Develop your Goals for treatment

**Customize the structure for the Evaluation

Completion allows the option for a 45-min Evaluation





90-min Live, Hands-on session

with your own Physio to:

**Complete all aspects of the Consultation


**Evaluate & Assess all dysfunctions

**Formulate your optimal Plan of Care


**Begin Treatment – See & Feel Progress

Current Clients:

Need to continue your current care?

Structural Tissue Mobility

(STM) Sessions

STM stands for Structural Tissue Mobility, and is a special type of session that is only offered to active Members at Move Physio. The STM session “looks” like a cross between a Physio treatment and a (very targeted) massage. The session is structured in a familiar way: Pre-Test – Treat – Post-Test:

  • Pre-test: The Member is coached through a series of total-body, functional movements to visualize, highlight and assess the regions of tissues that require the most attention in treatment.
  • Treatment: Through the hands-on, layer-by-layer approach that Dr. Sullivan teaches across the country, the mobility of the soft tissues will be maximally restored – along with efficiency of movement.
  • Post-test: The Member is reassessed to demonstrate the improvements gained in the functional movement patterns that were previously tested.

What are STM benefits?


Pain often stems from compressed tissues. STM frees the layers of soft tissue, eliminating the compression and reducing pain.


Improved circulation helps improve healing and progresses recovery.


Improving mobility of the soft-tissue layers will provide an instant upgrade to the body’s flexibility.


Enhanced mobility allows for greater expression of movement, strength, power and speed.

STM Sessions are Only accessible via the Move Physio Membership.


What does the STM session cost?

The cost of the 90-minute Structural Tissue Mobility session is $299 and is only available for Clients with an active Move Physio Membership.

Is the STM session a Massage?

The short answer is NO. While the table is heated and sheets are used for draping, the techniques used during STM are specific, layer-by-layer and meant to address the dysfunctions found during the evaluation.

How is STM different than a Treatment session?

STM is a standalone evaluation and treatment session that are not specifically oriented toward your original symptoms (although they can be included). The regions found during the STM evaluation may highlight areas in your body that have not been addressed in your ongoing Treatment sessions. Also, the targeted tissues only include the skin, fascia and muscles…the nerves, blood vessels, organs and other tissues will not be addressed here.

What’s the STM Evaluation like?

You’ll actively perform several full-body, functional movement patterns that each determine general mobility as well as highlight specific areas of soft-tissue restriction to be addressed in the treatment.

What does the STM Treatment feel like?

The treatment techniques begin at the skin-level, assessing and treating how the skin slides on the underlying tissues and structures. The techniques then progress deeper into the connective tissue, muscle and even around some boney prominences. Each technique is very specific and generally very comfortable. Except in rare circumstances, there should be no increase in pain during the STM session.

What do I wear?

It is best to arrive for your session in loose-fitting clothes that are easy to slide on and off. During the session, you’ll want to have as much skin accessible as possible (like a massage). If you plan on keeping on any undergarments, it is recommended that you choose the smallest, loosest option to avoid extra coverage and soft-tissue “bunching” during movement. Sheets will be used for draping and modesty whenever possible (like a massage).

Can I bring someone with me?

Always…for any session, including the STM session.