Why Telehealth Stinks

Practically overnight, Telehealth has become the go-to method for delivering many healthcare services.  The transition is certainly a necessary evil during this pandemic, and while it can be made to work for the time being, the truth is: Telehealth Stinks. Why? Telehealth has quickly transformed the Healthcare system to one that is (by design) void… Continue reading Why Telehealth Stinks

Enhanced Immune Function

Most people understand the basic function of the Immune System.  Like a built-in security system, it monitors everything coming into your body to ensure it belongs there.  When the system performs optimally, it detects harmful intruders and damaged tissue and responds appropriately. Like any other system, Immune function can become over-challenged and under-supported. It may… Continue reading Enhanced Immune Function

COVID-19 Update

April 3, 2020 Our Physios are now wearing cloth masks throughout treatment hours, in compliance with the CDC’s voluntary recommendations. We remain vigilant in our distancing and cleaning procedures while continuing to provide care for new and existing Clients. Administrative staff continues to work from home to reduce the number of people in the offices.… Continue reading COVID-19 Update