How often will I come for sessions?

This is individualized based on your treatment plan, but is usually much LESS than with other providers, because of how much we can get done in a session. Typically we recommend 1 – 2 sessions per week, but we often reduce frequency to once per month. We do not see Clients more than 2 sessions per week, unless it is a special situation (ie: Client staying locally for only a week)

Do I NEED to do a Consultation? Can’t I go right to an Evaluation?

The Consultation is technically half of the Evaluation process.  While we use the information gathered during the Consultation to educate you…we also need this information to determine what aspects of your systems will need to be assessed at the Evaluation.  So, we require a full-hour in order to begin Treatment.  This can be accomplished by a 30-min Consult & 30-min Eval OR you have the option to go straight to a 60-minute Evaluation.

How long are sessions?

We offer 30-minute and 60-minute sessions.  All are 1-on-1 with your Physio.  Each session begins and ends with testing, discussion and planning, so we often can accomplish 3 times the treatment with a 60-minute session – which will reduce the frequency and duration of your plan of care.

How much time is spent with me?

All of it!  The sessions are all 1-on-1.  If independent exercises are necessary, they are done before or after your scheduled 1-on-1 time, so you’ll always get the full attention you need to maximize progress.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

If you’ve completed your online forms, please arrive a few minutes early so we can get you started promptly at your appointment time. If you have difficulty with the forms, please reach out to the office ASAP to make arrangements.

Financial / Billing

Do you take my insurance?

We are able to work with most insurance plans that have out-of-network benefits. You can submit your insurance info in your intake forms. We will verify your coverage and will discuss the specifics at the consultation.

Why are you Out-of-Network?

We are passionate about treating the whole-Client.  Being In-Network requires signing a contract with the insurance company that massively impairs our ability to treat the whole-body and all the causes of your problems.  We simply refuse to let non-clinical administrators dictate what might be necessary to help someone get better.

What will sessions cost me?

Every Client’s plan of care is individualized based on need, and every insurance plan is very different. The exact investment needed for your specific needs and financial situation will be discussed during the Consultation.

Can I use my HSA/FSA?

YES!  Some plans give you a credit card, which we can charge directly.  Other plans will require you to send in receipts and you’ll get reimbursed.


Do you treat my problem?

Our approach considers the entire body and all it’s systems and components to address the root cause of your problems. We often solve pain without ever touching that painful part and can target the causes of issues related to: digestion, elimination, circulation, reproduction and many other functions.

Who will treat me?

YOUR Physio…every time, the whole time.  Continuity of care and the relationship with your Physio is very important, so you won’t be passed around.  We do not have assistants or aides involved in your care.

What’s a session like?

We typically start and end each session with a “test” – a movement, posture or activity that is challenging for your system.  This way we know if the Treatment was effective.  We are 1-on-1  Manual Therapists, so we use our hands to help your body make the changes needed to get better. Most of our sessions are done on the treatment table and followed by direct instruction for home exercises or self-treatments.  No mindless stretches or exercise programs – everything is precise, targeted and noticeably beneficial. 

No pain, no gain?  Should treatment hurt?

NO!!! We are strongly against pain during any manual technique or movement. Check out our Articles for more on this.

When can I expect progress?

We expect progress with EVERY treatment.  We will discuss your specifics at the Consultation.  The Evaluation session will include a small amount of treatment, and there are usually measurable improvements – despite it not being a full Treatment session.

Should I continue going to other providers?

We will discuss this.  We need to know WHY you’re having any positive or negative changes in your body.  If there are multiple treatment-types involved, it becomes more difficult to determine which approach is helping and which may be holding you back. We often collaborate with other providers and can adjust the timing between various treatment types.

Do I need an MRI?

The overwhelming majority of times people have MRIs, we do not use them.  Images can determine WHAT parts have been worn-down, but does nothing to identify WHY – which is what our approach is focused on!

What should I wear?

For the Consultation, please wear something comfortable that you can move unrestricted.




How can I get access to my Online Account?

Go to this registration page. Please be sure to use the exact name and email address that we have in our system, and you’ll be automatically approved and granted access!

How can I make or change an appointment?

There are links in your appointment reminders (text and email) that will allow you to change your appointment (up to 24 hours beforehand). You can also make and change appointments (and more) once you Log In to your account.

Where can I see how many package/membership sessions I have left?

Once you log into your account, click the “Packages” tab on the left. From there you’ll see your package(s), how many sessions are left and can book them right there!

Why don’t I see all my information in my account?

If your account is empty or is missing things, you may have used a different email address at some point – this can create a separate account. If you have more than one email address you use, try logging in under the other(s). Even if you find the correct one, please let us know so we can merge your accounts to get all your information consolidated!

Financial / Billing

Where can I change my credit card information?

Once you Log In to your account, click the “Credit Cards” option on the left.

Do you offer discounted sessions?

For Self-Pay Clients, we have Session Packages that reduce the cost per session. For anyone who’s treatment plan goes longer than 1 month, Membership is the best option.

What session packages do you offer?

We have 3-session and 6-session packages available for current Clients. Once you Log In, click on the “Book” button on the upper right. Packages that are available will displayed there.

Is Membership right for me?

If you’re Self-Pay for treatment that is longer than 1 month, Membership is the best option as it offers the greatest savings with some nice perks…and can be cancelled anytime. All the details and the option to begin are HERE.

Why does the online scheduler show full price for sessions when we are billing my Insurance?

Right before you finish the booking process, the correct amount should be shown based on your insurance coverage. If not, don’t confirm the booking and send us a message.

I have more financial / billing – related questions. Who can I ask?

No worries! Log In and send us a message, or you can always Email us directly.  


Where can I find my Clinical Notes?

You can find your completed Intake Forms and Journal entries in your account once you Log In. We currently use a separate system for clinical notes and billing. If you need your clinical notes for any reason we can upload them to your online account. 

What should I do between sessions?

Following Manual Therapy work, it is critical that you drink more water – even if it makes you urinate more.  Your Physio will give you specific homework to help you make progress on your own. 

Should I still go to other providers?

We will discuss this. As you go through treatment with us, we need to know WHY you’re having any positive or negative changes in your body. If there are multiple treatment-types involved, it becomes more difficult to determine which approach is creating any positive or negative changes.

How can I get my other Clinical questions answered?

We LOVE questions, but obviously can’t answer everything here. Your Physio should’ve given you their direct email – use it! If you need it again, email us or Log In and send us a message. We’ll get you the email address.

What should I wear?

We will need as much access to as much skin as you can comfortably provide. Tights are difficult to work through with precision. Denim is impossible to treat through. Try to wear loose-fitting clothes that let you move and allow us underneath, if needed.

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